Beacon was formed in 2016 by ex-bankers with an extensive experience in the Banking and Trusteeship business. Under their leadership, Beacon has blossomed from being just a start-up to being a successful and renowned start-up. We are working with some of the biggest brands of this country… only because the quality of our service stands out.

As of today, though Beacon is one of the youngest Trusteeship Company of the times, it is competitively challenging businesses that have been in the industry for years together. We do so not with an intense competitive force but with passion and love for what we do. We all love what we do… and we love like-minded people.

A job at Beacon is not just a job; it will be a beginning of a new time for you. So if you think you would want to work in the Trusteeship business and if Beacon is your calling, do check the openings we have.

Also, in case if you are interested in working with us but do not see an opening, you can still just send us your resume and we will get in touch with you first if a relevant opening comes up.