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As a Debenture Trustee, Beacon Trusteeship plays a pivotal role in protecting the interests of debenture holders/bondholders and acting as an efficacious intermediary liaison between the investors & the debenture/bond issuer. We specialize in various disciplines of debenture trustee services in India. A testimonial to this is the fact that we were ranked by Prime Database as No. 2 Debenture Trustee of our nation for the most debenture issues handled in the F.Y. 2020. Our work scope broadly encapsulates advising the issuer for modes of security creation, ensuring timely creation & perfection of charge on such security, monitoring asset coverage & ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, acts, rules, terms of issue & covenants throughout the currency of such debenture/bond issue.

At Beacon Trusteeship, we strive to assure:

  • Assistance to Issuer in Security Creation.
  • Ensuring timely registration of charge with ROC, CERSAI & Information Utility.
  • Verifying Title & Valuation of Security / Collateral offered.
  • Retention of Security & continuous monitoring of asset cover.
  • Follow up for timely interest payments & principal redemption.
  • Meticulous compliance with Listing Agreement, SEBI Regulations, Companies Act, 2013 & applicable Rules, Notifications & Circulars as issued/amended from time to time.
  • Prompt response to Investor Grievances.
  • Proactive security enforcement as per terms of Trust Deed &/or instructions of debenture holders while adhering to applicable laws & regulations.
  • Effectual communication to & fro with Stock Exchange, Depository & Credit Rating Agencies.

Being a one-stop Debenture Trustee to our clients, we also offer

  • Advisory for structuring debt instruments.
  • Drafting & Vetting of Transaction Documents.
  • Assistance applying for dematerialization of securities with Depository.
  • Assistance in acquiring listing approval from Stock Exchanges
  • Set up of Escrow Accounts & cash flows mechanism.
  • Safe Custody & digitisation of Documents.
  • Automated MIS & crucial Milestone Reports as per client’s needs.

Benefit to Debenture / Bond Issuer

  • Freedom to allocate crucial resources – time, money & manpower, in core business activities.
  • Single contact point for any communication to be made to or consent to be taken from debenture/bond holders.
  • Structured road map to having a compliant debt issue.
  • 360-degree outlook on various applicable laws & regulations.

Benefit to Debenture / Bond Holders

  • Timely updates on Interest Payments, Principal Redemption & Asset Cover maintenance among many other crucial aspects of the debt issue.
  • Single point of contact for communicating all Investor Grievances & Queries.
  • Expeditious & Effective security enforcement as per terms of Trust Deed &/or instructions of debenture holders while maintaining adherence to applicable laws & regulations.
  • Investor Education w.r.t. applicable legal & regulatory avenues.


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