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As a Facility Agent, Beacon Trusteeship acts as a single point of contact between the Borrower & the Lender(s). As a Facility Agent, our priority is to ensure a smooth flow of funds & information between the transacting parties. Our valuable inputs & customer-centric solutions help our clients reap the optimum benefit of the financial facilities extended.

As a Facility Agent, we offer

  • Confirming to Pre & Post Disbursement Compliances
  • Monitoring of covenants as per terms of sanction.
  • System generated Interest Payment & Principal Redemption Calculations.
  • Periodic reminders for timely debt servicing.
  • Fund movement monitoring.
  • Periodic reminders for timely submission of Compliance Reports.
  • 360 degree outlook on operational & legal aspects of a given transaction.
  • Expeditious opening & management of Bank Accounts
  • Transaction centric services

Benefit to Borrowers & Lenders:

  • Confirmation of Pre Disbursement compliances
  • Monitoring & dispensing information regarding Post Disbursement Compliances
  • Single point of contact for communication.
  • Conduct meetings of the transacting parties.
  • Bi-partisan outlook on operational & legal aspects.

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