Deposit Trustee

Under the new Companies Act, 2013, appointment of deposit trustee is mandatory for corporates (both public and private) raising secured deposits from individuals, partnerships and HUFs. RBI requires NBFCs to maintain at all times full cover for public deposits accepted by them.

1. NBFC to create a floating charge on the statutory liquid assets in favour of their depositors.

2. Floating charge can be created on statutory liquid assets, in favour of depositors through the mechanism of trust deed.

Our customised services include:

  • Creation of security in favour of depositors
  • Expeditious redressing of depositor grievances.
  • Ensuring compliance with extant RBI & NHB regulations.
  • Follow-up for timely submission of NBS1, NBS2 & NBS3 as submitted by the NBFCs / HFCs to RBI / NHB.

Applicable in case of company deposits:

  • Monitoring of deposit insurance
  • Monitoring of charged assets of the company
  • Monitoring the creation and adequacy of deposit repayment reserve account


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