Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure investment trusts (InvITs) are the latest form of Investment Trusts under the local framework (India’s very own framework for Business Trusts) that have been approved by SEBI. This offers a new asset class for investors as also a new source of financing to India's real estate and infrastructure industry.

Services covered & offered for business trusts:

  • Legal due diligence on assets and monitoring the flow of funds
  • Convening meetings of unit holders and maintenance of records
  • Investor relationship activity including review of unit holders complaints and their redressal
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Annual administration during the life of the trust
  • Structuring from legal and taxation perspective
  • Transfer of assets and listing assistance
  • Setting up of operational framework and common platform for participants including sponsor(/s), investor(/s), investment manager, principal valuer, project manager and stock exchange
  • Oversight of activities of the business trust under regulatory framework


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