Escrow & Monitoring Agency

Escrow Agent is an independent third party capable of holding assets – funds, securities, movables, etc., on behalf of two or more transacting parties. The appointment & scope of work of an Escrow Agent is broadly described in an Escrow Agreement executed by & amongst the Escrow Agent & the transacting parties. An Escrow Agent plays a crucial role in:

  • Timely Debt Servicing
  • Business Acquisition
  • Private Equity Transactions
  • Retention of Securities
  • Disputed Liabilities
  • P2P Platforms
  • Online Gaming & Shopping Platforms
  • E-Commerce transactions
  • International Trade & Export Finance
  • Loan Against Securities

As an Escrow Agent, Beacon Trusteeship offers the following services:

  • Drafting & Vetting of Escrow Agreement
  • Set up of Escrow Mechanism envisaging future cash flows & waterfall disbursement.
  • Adept documentation & synergizing of Escrow Mechanism with terms of sanctioned facilities.
  • Expeditious opening & management of:
  • Escrow Current Account with Banks for retention of funds
  • Escrow Demat Account with Depositories for retention of securities
  • Ensuring smooth flow of funds to & fro Escrow Account
  • EMeticulous adherence to extant covenants, provisions & T&Cs of the Escrow Agreement/li>
  • Monitoring of Fund Movement
  • Ensuring maintenance of Debt Service Reserve Amount (DSRA)
  • Periodic/Daily valuation & monitoring of securities.
  • Release of assets post assurance due diligence & compliance of extant terms.


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